Why you should replace disposable face masks with reusable cotton face masks.

To ensure you and your loved ones are staying as safe and healthy as possible, wearing a face mask is an effective measure. Health experts plead the public to purchase less disposable face masks as the healthcare workers need them more when they work, and there is already a shortage in healthcare settings. Environmentalists plead all to stop using disposable face masks as many used masks end up in the ocean, and once they get into the ocean and break into smaller pieces and become micro-plastics, it is impossible to clean them up. Therefore, people are encouraged to pick reusable face masks instead. The reusable cotton face mask is becoming a popular option and here are the reasons why.

They are of better quality.

Single-use disposable face masks are not made to last. They can be flimsy and uncomfortable. Face masks made of woven fibre cotton are face masks in much better quality, and they can effectively improve the quality of the air you breathe. Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be a suffocating experience.

They are washable.

Reusable cotton face masks can be washed and reused for a long time. You can just chuck them in the washing machine and wash them in the delicate mode, they will last for quite a while and you can make sure they are as hygienic as possible.

They make a cheaper alternative.

Single-use disposable face masks might be cheaper by piece, but a reusable cotton face mask can save you a fortune in the long run. You will also help in reducing the cost of disposing of disposable face masks. It is a win for all.

They can be fashionable.

Reusable cotton face masks come in a wide range of patterns. While disposable face masks only come in one style, you can get stylish with reusable cotton face masks. You can choose the patterns you like, make this protective mask into a fashion accessory and spice up your lockdown fashion.

They come in different sizes.

Most disposable face masks are made for adults. On children’s faces, they are simply too big. With reusable cotton face masks, you can find suitable ones for faces, mouths and noses of any size. Getting your kids to wear face masks can be a chore, but you can encourage them by letting them choose a pattern they like. Ones with adjustable ear bands can be more comfortable, especially for the kids, and securely fit the masks onto anyone’s face.

They are eco-friendly.

The environmental damage of plastics waste in the ocean is on the rise as the usage of disposable face masks rises. Choosing a reusable cotton face mask is choosing to make a contribution towards protecting ocean life.

Wearing a face mask should become a habit during this COVID-19 pandemic, as it is a protective measure against the virus and courtesy to others around you. So choose a cotton face mask of your liking and customise your experience of masking-wearing.

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