Why you should choose face masks made using upcycled ocean waste.

Wearing a face mask is going to become a necessity for going outside in many countries, yet a shortage of disposable face masks still remains. But there is another solution to this problem: face masks made using upcycled ocean waste. Seaqual is a superb initiative that takes waste from the ocean and transform it in to fabric. We here at 3SIXTY then use this fabric to make washable, reusable face masks with a 98% filtration rate.

These face masks are fashionable and reusable.

These face masks come in adult and children’s sizes and can be customised making  stylish designs much more enjoyable, that it is almost a fashion statement-protect yourself and the ocean. The designs can be based on sea animals such as whale sharks, manta rays and great white sharks. 

These face masks are better for the ocean and you.

The Ocean Conservancy discovered that many fish species would mistake plastics debris for real food and ear them. Currently, at least 600 different wildlife species are threatened by the pollution of ocean waste. Single-use disposable face masks contain materials that cannot be recycled and they have been discarded improperly, and many ended up being swept into the ocean. This does not only affect ocean life, but it is also a human health risk as plastics enter the food chain and nearly a billion people around the world eat seafood as their primary source of protein. Disposable face masks significantly contribute to the 8 million tons of plastic that end up in the ocean every year, which makes up 80% of all marine debris according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. These face masks are made with upcycled ocean waste which makes them an eco-friendly option that helps reduce ocean waste massively. The divers who made the masks are nor profiting from these masks, as this is a way of them showing their care towards the ocean and the diver community.

The pandemic is likely to last for a while, and wearing a face mask is a way to protect yourself and your families. You can also help protect the ocean in the meantime by choosing to support this heart-and-soul project. So get yourself one of these eco-friendly masks and give the world a little love.

3SIXTY also supply a range of other products using Seaqual. From tote bags to towels to changing robes our range of products uses Seaqual in the belief that we are making a small, but valuable, contribution to the health of our planet. You can check out some of the products HERE.

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