4 Good Reasons To Use Cork Based Yoga Mats.

1. Cork is Eco-Friendly

Made from the Cork Oak tree (which are indigenous to the Iberian Peninsular (here we source our cork mats from) and coming from the outer layer of the tree’s bark the method of harvesting means that the bark grows back to this make this material perfectly sustainable and environmentally safe.

The cork that we use for our yoga mats does not hurt or damage the trees. We utilize all parts of the tree bark so there is little to zero waste.

2. Cork is Naturally Antimicrobial

Cork is, by it’s nature, antimicrobial. Using a cork mat can help prevent the bacteria growth associated with other types of mats. Ensuring you use an anti microbial mat will give you peace of mind during your yoga sessions.

3. Cork is Lightweight

Easy to carry, compact and durable these mats make the perfect exercise companion for aspiring to professional yogis. The added bonus in using cork based yoga mats is that you get extra eco kudos points from your fellow practitioners.

4. Serious Performance

Looks and eco credentials aside we love these mats because of their performance. Wet or dry the cork yoga mat stays grippy and offer super tractions. A high performance yoga mat along with eco credentials…what’s not to love about these!We can care about the environment and also having a mat that’s antimicrobial and lightweight. But frankly, if the mat isn’t great for yoga, none of the other qualities matter because we won’t want to practice on it!

A final word.

Please try and source your yoga mats using sustainable materials.