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Press Release – 3SIXTY teams up with Seaqual to create environmentally friendly textiles

Helping the hospitality industry achieve sustainability goals:

3SIXTY teams up with Seaqual to create environmentally friendly textiles


Every year, 8 million tons of garbage end up in the oceans, 75% of which lay deep on the sea bed. With plastic waste predicted to outweigh the fish in the sea by 2050, this has now become a global crisis.


Businesses across a huge range of sectors are turning their focus towards the importance of protecting our planet, and one of the key players is the hospitality trade. As part of a fast-paced industry which uses a high level of textiles, hoteliers are uniquely positioned to make a positive impact on the environment. Ireland based company 3SIXTY was created to help them achieve exactly that.


3SIXTY’s mission is to help the hospitality industry become more sustainable. The company creates environmentally friendly bedroom and bathroom textiles that are not only sustainable and socially responsible, but also made to the exceptional standards that guests expect.


The company has now begun a collaboration with SEAQUAL™; the organization which helps to clean the world’s oceans by upcycling plastic marine waste into beautiful, new everyday products, one of those products is the innovative SEAQUAL™ FIBER. 3SIXTY have decided to exclusively use SEAQUAL™ FIBER in their Eco-Ocean range of towels, bathrobes, bed linen, duvets and pillows.


A growing network of fishermen working off the European Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, retrieve the garbage from the seabed and bring it back to port from where it is collected and delivering to specialist centers. The waste is then sorted, cleaned and processed before being up-cycled into SEAQUAL™ FIBER. 3SIXTY then mixes and weaves this yarn with cotton to produce products that look, feel and perform just like other hospitality products- proving the adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”


3SIXTY’S Colm Walsh said, “Overuse of single use plastics, in all forms, is a problem that needs to be tackled. We want to help the hospitality industry make a positive impact on this global problem, so we are delighted to be teaming up with SEAQUAL™. SEAQUAL™ FIBER is much more than just a fiber; it’s a starting point for a sustainable ocean – for every kilo of SEAQUAL™ FIBER used, a kilo of garbage is removed from the sea bed. For example, a 100 Bedroom hotel, using Eco-Ocean by 3SIXTY products, made using SEAQUAL™ FIBER, could help take 1.6 metric tonnes of waste from the ocean. We strongly believe this is an exceptional opportunity for the hospitality industry to make a difference. ”

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