Stay Wild Swim Swimwear

Stay wild swim

It was our pleasure to work with Stay Wild Swim and one of their co-founders Natalie Glaze to bring our hammam towels made from 100% recycled materials to their customers.

This modern, forward looking brand has got their finger on the pulse when it comes to delivering premium products to their sustainable focused followers and customers. Starting off with swimwear made from regenerated ocean waste the founders have now expanded the product range to include towels proudly supplier by us.

This brand is following in the footsteps of a few others and we are beginning to see a trend in brands offering to take back old products and re-pair, re-use or re-recycle them. Feeding in to the circular economy way of thinking is becoming a necessary part of brand strategy for those companies with longevity in mind.

So take a further look at Stay Wild Swim right here and get in touch with us should you and your brand have any home textile needs or questions.

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