SEAY  (pronounced C…Y), based in Italy, and wanted to develop a surf poncho made using recycled materials.

We were delighted to work with Alberto and his team to produce a poncho made using 50% recycled materials. This poncho fits in nicely with their already great, sustainable selection of swimwear and their goal of becoming the worlds most sustainable clothing brand is now one step closer.

SEAY have been very innovative in their approach to their products, customers and how they can have a minimal impact on the environment. By promoting their R3 model They want to Re-Sell (their partners and non profit co-operatives will re-sell your old garment if you send it in to them (you get a discount on a new SEAY product), Re-Use (non profit will re-use it by sending it to people in need) or  Re-Generate (their partners will re-generate an old garment in to new fabrics to be used again).

This fantastic initiative needs to be embraced by more forward looking retailers and give us all a further leap to embracing the circular economy.

To see more of what SEAY are doing you can check them out at