Revolutionary Towels Using Recycled Plastics Provides Hotels With Significant Opportunity To Reduce Global Warming

‘Innovative sustainable environmental initiative puts climate change in the hands of hotels’

Ireland, Tuesday 24th July 2018 – Following the unveiling of a new technique by an innovative European green-driven textile brand, hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts will see an opportunity to significantly reduce the impact of global warming and climate change through the use of high-quality bathroom towels, made using recycled plastics.

Marking a step-change in the approach to dealing with excess plastic waste – much of which ends up dumped into the ocean and contributing to the death of marine life, hotels will soon be able to contribute a considerable effort to reduce the growing environmental impacts of climate change, through the commercial large scale use of the latest towels.

Unveiling the latest innovative solution to plastic waste reduction, green textile specialists ‘3SIXTY’ explained the recent development. Colm Walsh commented: “We have announced the launch of a range of hotel bathroom textiles (towels & robes), created through a process of mixing high-grade cotton with recycled plastic bottles. This is an important step towards reducing global environmental impacts and thanks to our partnership with the world’s leading manufacturer of recycled post consumer plastic bottle (rPET) yarn, we can now roll this out to hotels and other accommodation providers around the globe.”      

With an ever increasing awareness of the critical damage waste plastic and global warming is having on the planet, many hotel chains have looked to implement reduction processes such as reusing towels, reducing water consumption and recycling waste where possible.

Using 3sixtys manufacturing process hotels can deliver a powerful brand message by confidently stating for example that each bathrobe uses up to 20 recycled plastic bottles in its manufacture or that each towel uses up to 12 recycled plastic bottles, that would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean, in its manufacture.

Whilst hotel tourism is not the only factor contributing to the growing concerns for global warming and environmental catastrophe, the UN World Tourism Organisation has estimated that the accommodation sector accounts for around 20% of tourism related emissions, strongly recommending hotels seek out initiatives to reduce consumption and environmentally damaging products (UNWTO Sustainable Development of Tourism).

With support from both government, public and private sectors, the tourism industry (and hotels specifically) are seeking to reduce the impacts they have. The development and release of a towel option created from harmful ocean waste plastic provides the most significant opportunity yet for hotels to renew a commitment and publicly lead the way in reducing the environmental harm being caused by the global industry.

Mr Walsh continued: “The new range of towels are manufactured by taking plastic bottles, which would otherwise end up poisoning our oceans and killing our marine life, then mixing them with cotton to produce a towel that doesn’t compromise on softness or durability. We’re encouraging hotels and accommodation providers of all sizes to lead by example and demonstrate their commitment, by showing their customers how serious they are about protecting the planet for future generations. We are excited to already be talking with the world’s leading hotel chains and cruise lines. They understand their responsibility in being part of the solution to reduce the impact of plastic bottles on our planet.”

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One of Europe’s new names in environmentally friendly textile production, ‘3SIXTY’ has unveiled the latest innovation in waste plastic recycling, in the face of a growing threat to the world’s oceans. The company mission is to create the most environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible home textile products available to date. ‘3SIXTY’ products are made by recycling used plastic bottles and mixing them with high grade cotton to create the most eco-friendly home textile products. By finding a new use for discarded plastic bottles, we are able to produce an environmentally friendly home textile range that dramatically reduces the impact of plastic bottles upon the planet. The resulting products do not compromise on softness, quality or durability.

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