• Made With Natural Cotton

  • Washable & Reusable

  • Multi Use

  • Non Medical Use Only

  • Made In The EU.

  • Comply With EU Standard EN149:2001

  • Breathable

  • Anti Bacterial Qualities

These masks are Made in the EU. They provide 3 layers of protection and are washable and reusable and made using 100% premium cotton to Oeko Tex Standard (on our white masks only). Our custom printed masks are made using an outer layer of recycled polyester. Non custom masks are made with 100% cotton layers (except for replaceable filter).

  • We offer 2 sizes S/M and L/XL. All masks come with 1 replaceable filter made from RECYCLED polyester.
  • 2 Styles available. Classic and Deluxe.
  • Classic style is 3 ply flat style. Deluxe is shaped for a better fit to the face.
  • These masks cover approx 50% of your face, safely covering your nose and mouth.
  • Comfortable, secure fit.
  • Multi purpose: This face masks protects you from dust, dirt and pollen.
  • These are NOT MEDICAL masks and we make no claim of their medical benefits.
  • Custom design options available from only 350 pcs.
  • Perfect for companies, teams, hotels, brands etc.

Technical Information

1. Product name:

Washable face mask for protection.

2. Purpose and general requirements:

Reusable face mask with anatomical shape, including a silver ions filter. This filter is treated with silver ions increasing the effectiveness against bacteria etc.

The mask materials that comes in contact with the skin are all from covered by Oeko-tex 100 certification. The mask acts as an antibacterial shield against atmosphere around, when skin is wet or dry. The mask is constructed to protect from solid and liquid aerosols.

Elastic loops enable easy application and removal from the face.

3. Fabric Specification:

3.1. 100% Cotton

3.2. Weight per square meter – 100g /m2,

3.3. Quality/Density: 48 threads per square centimeter

3.4. Type of yarn: Ne 30/1

3.5. Fabric color: optical white

4. Filter Specification

4.1. 100% RECYCLED Polyester

4.2. Weight per square meter – 220 g/m2.

4.3. Quality/Density: DTY 150/144

4.4. Material treated with nano technology, according TC-BAC Protect

5.Laundry and dry cleaning according

Mask is washable up to 50 times with soap or in washing machine on 60C.

Filter can be washed separately or together with mask at once.

Silver ions treatment will be not lost, it is permanent applied to the material and after 50 washes can start to be inactive, with less antibacterial function.

Mask should be steam ironed before re-use.

6. Marking

The product is individually packed with inlay card displaying product information.

B2B Order Enquiries Only Please. We Do Not Sell Individual Masks To The Public.