Our Story

Our Story 3SIXTY

My Inspiration.

Coming from the relatively unspoilt coastline of the West of Ireland I fully understood and appreciated how the coast and it’s beaches can and should look. This changed one day whilst walking the beach with my twin boys , Alfie & Archie (3 at the time) and wife Fina. They found a plastic bottle on the beach and told me that this could “..hurt the whales..” (they had learned how bad plastic was in their playschool). This was the start of us, as a family, making a conscious effort to reduce our own household consumption of plastic, in all forms.

The incident on the beach stuck with me for some time. When I read an article about how recycled plastic bottles could be used in clothing I set about trying to understand if it was feasible to incorporate this type of innovation in to bathroom and bedroom textiles, an area where I have decades of experience.

So I set about exploring our existing supply chain to find a way to bring my vision to reality. After much trial and error we finally came up with a formula that we were happy with..that is when 3SIXTY was born. Using recycled plastic bottles in combination with cotton was the first product of the 3SIXTY stable and we passionately believe that these products can make a significant impact on keeping plastic bottles from entering landfill or the ocean.

What started out as a curious exploration of what might be possible, has now transformed in to a powerful medium through which hospitality and retail businesses across the globe can demonstrate, in a tangible way, that they are positively contributing to being part of a greener world.

3SIXTY believe that the circular economy is a way in which we can all make a positive contribution to the planet and we urge our customers and visitors alike to join us.

Mr Colm Walsh


Our Mission.

Our mission is to create environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible textile products for the hospitality, retail and promotions industry.

Overuse of plastic, in all it’s forms, is a problem that needs to be tackled. Single use plastics are everywhere and ending up in landfill or the ocean is an end result that we just hate to see. It’s such a monumental problem that even if we stopped using all plastic today it would be a very very long time before we got rid of all the plastic that has already been discarded in our lands and oceans.

We decided that we wanted to use our industry experience and knowledge to do something about this problem.

The hospitality and retail industries, being such a large users of textiles, are uniquely positioned to make a huge impact on the efforts to recycle as much plastic as possible. We want to show and help them make on impact on this global problem.