Mayo Business Awards Finalist

3SIXTY have been honoured to be nominated in the MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT award by the Mayo Business Awards.

Our range of ecomax bathroom and bed linen textiles for the hospitality industry have the power to transform an area of the hospitality sector that has not seen innovation like this in a very long time.

A 100 bedroom hotel, for example, using a range of our ecomax product could help prevent 86,400 plastic bottles from entering landfill or the ocean. Think about that for a second…86,400 plastic bottles will not go in to landfill or our precious oceans just because a forward looking hotel re-examined the way they look at their line operations.

We passionately believe that the hospitality industry is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact in the fight against plastic.

Take that opportunity now and get in touch HERE so we can show you how your hotel can BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.

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