A mask that effectively destroys >99.99%

of Human Coronavirus 229E.

The Livinguard mask gives 5 levels of protection against Human Coronavirus 229E. With our revolutionary and patented virus inactivation technology, the Livinguard mask protects infinitely better while being 25x cheaper than other masks. It has a lifetime of 6 months, replacing 210 conventional masks.

Livinguard Face Mask 3SIXTY
Livinguard Face Mask 3SIXTY

Proven to destroy Human Coronavirus 229E

Livinguard treated textiles have been verified to destroy >99% of HCoV-229E per 18184 at the University of Arizona . The Livinguard Face Mask is composed of multiple layers of Livinguard fabric, providing a calculated protection of >99.99%.


The Livinguard mask can be washed up to 30 times with undiminished efficacy of its protective properties. If used daily and washed weekly under normal usage conditions, the mask can be used for 6 months, effectively replacing the need for 210 single-use masks.


The mask can be used for extended periods and reused before washing because the fabric covering the filter media continuously destroys microorganisms upon contact. This significantly diminishes the risk of them transferring to you and to other surfaces. The mask is certified to be non-toxic and safe for use.

How It Works.

Livinguard Face Mask 3SIXTY

3 layers offering 5 levels of protection

The 3 layers work in continuous combination, protecting both the wearer and others.

Outer layer
3 levels of protection

Our unique patented Tripellent Technology on the Outer layer offers 3 levels of protection:

  1. Livinguard Antiviral and repellent coating on the outside of the fabric**
  2. Livinguard Antiviral Technology bonded into the fabric itself*
  3. Livinguard Antiviral and repellent coating on the inside of the fabric**

* Tested to destroy >99% of Human Coronavirus 229E as per ISO 18184 protocol
** Testing ongoing

Livinguard Face Mask 3SIXTY
Livinguard Face Mask 3SIXTY

Middle layer
filters continuously

Non-woven industry-standard filter channels viruses for destruction to the outer or inner layers. Sandwiched between disinfecting fabrics, it is protected from biological contamination, allowing the mask to be safely washed and reused.

Inner layer
protects comfortably

Denser than the Outer layer, and also treated with Livinguard Antiviral Technology, the fabric provides powerful inactivation of coronavirus.* Quick-drying with low humidity, the soft and stretchy fabric gives a comfortable fit for the mouth and nose. This specially treated fabric has 36 billion positive charges / cm2.

*Tested to destroy >99% of Human Coronavirus 229E as per ISO 18184 protocol

Livinguard Face Mask 3SIXTY
Livinguard Face Mask 3SIXTY

Swiss engineered for failsafe protection

2 levels of Livinguard Technology across the outer and inner layers are each capable of delivering >99% inactivation of Human Coronavirus 229E for a combined effect of >99.99%. Another 2 levels of Livinguard Technology are still under testing for the same. This is in addition to the middle layer of industry standard filtration.

All you need to do is breathe easy.

Usage and Care Instructions.

How To Wear The Livinguard Mask.

Must be followed each time the face mask is worn. Protection improves by following instructions closely.

    1.  Open the box and unfold the face mask.
    2.  Cup the respirator in your hand to maintain the position on your face.
    3.  Adjust the ear loops to fit the face mask comfortably.
    4.  Adjust the nose bridge bar tightly around your nose.
    5. To check the respirator-to-face seal, place both hands completely over the respirator and exhale sharply. If air leaks around the nose, readjust the nose bridge bar as described in step 4. The mask should cover the wearer’s mouth, nose, and chin.

How To Store The Livinguard Mask.

Store in a clean bag/box, away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

How To Wash The Livinguard Mask.

  1. Do not use if seal is broken
  2. Hand wash once a week or as needed in cold water for about 2 minutes
  3. Line dry in shade for 6 – 8 hours depending on humidity
  4. Do not use detergent or bleach
  5. If stained, use a mild soap to rinse
  6. Do not wring
  7. Do not dry clean
  8. Wash up to 30 times.

Cautions & Limitations.

  1. This face mask does not eliminate illness, disease or infection and is intended for general public use.
  2. This face mask does not evaluate respirators for use as surgical masks.
  3. This face mask does not supply oxygen. Do not use in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen.
  4. Do not use the Livingard face mask for chemicals, gases, vapors, oil aerosols, oil based particles or extremely high particulate concentration.
  5. Never substitute, modify, add, or omit parts. Use only exact replacement parts in the configuration as specified by the manufacturer.
  6. Follow fitting instructions carefully, filtering efficiency depends on proper fitting. Use your own mask.
  7. Individuals with a compromised respiratory system, such as asthma or emphysema, should consult a physician and complete a medical evaluation prior to use.
  8. Not recommended for children below the age of 7.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do face masks need antimicrobial treatment?

Bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, are present in droplets and in some cases on airborne suspended particulate matter.

Surgical masks and particulate matter filters, even those that meet N95 and N99 standards, are designed to filter particulate matter. Most are not effective in filtering viruses.

However, even when they do filter bacteria and viruses, these trapped microorganisms are still alive on the mask. Through natural breathing and handling (removing, storing, wearing), this poses a great infection risk, as the microorganisms can pass through, transfer to your hand, or some other surface. Recent studies have shown that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 infection, can survive on surgical masks for days.

The greater the exposure to the virus, whether in critical environments like hospitals or when used for extended periods of time and/or reused, the greater the risk of infection.

If the mask were able to destroy the virus and other pathogens powerfully and continuously upon contact, such risk would be mitigated.

How is Livinguard’s mask different from other antiviral masks?

Various masks claim to be antiviral and usually rely on a metal leaching technology using silver, copper, or zinc. Livinguard doesn’t use any of these or work in a comparable manner.

If considering such other masks, it is worth asking the following 10 questions:

  1. Is the mask certified or compliant with any applicable regulatory standard?
  2. COVID-19 is caused by a virus – is the mask “antibacterial” or “antiviral”?
  3. Does the mask “inactivate” / ”destroy” viruses or simply “filter” them?
  4. How applicable are the antiviral claims specifically against “coronavirus”, “COVID-19”, or “SARS-CoV-2”? Note that Human Coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E) and Feline Coronavirus (FCV) are generally accepted as surrogates for SARS-CoV-2.
  5. How credible is the testing protocol and independent testing agency / laboratory, and what modifications have been made to the testing protocol? ISO 18184 is the internationally recognized standard to determine the antiviral activity of textile products.
  6. What is the antiviral performance in terms of percentage inactivation or “log reduction” relative to regular masks or untreated fabrics?
  7. What is the speed of the antiviral performance – is it tested as per the standard protocol or extended to 24 hours? Performance beyond 8 hours is meaningless, as most usage is less than 8 hours.
  8. What is the durability of the antiviral performance – how long can it be used for with such performance, how many washes can it sustain, how long does the performance last from date of manufacturing and/or opening the package? The ISO 18184 protocol requires that the mask be washed 10 times before testing – has that been complied with?
  9. How safe are the antiviral agents used – if the performance isn’t durable, why is that so? Does it claim to not leach chemicals?
  10. How comfortable is the mask – beyond the materials used, does the antiviral treatment make it unusually difficult to breathe?

Does the use of the Livinguard face mask prevent COVID-19?

The textiles treated with Livinguard technology that are incorporated into Livinguard face masks have been scientifically tested to neutralize HCoV-229E, a generally accepted surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). Based on its disinfecting effect on the surrogate virus, we are confident that the technology will disinfect the virus responsible for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). This protection is sustained through multiple uses and washes when used as recommended.

However, the use of a Livinguard face mask does not substitute the need for good personal hygiene as recommended by the applicable authorities and cannot prevent infection when not wearing the mask and instances where the virus may enter the respiratory tract through other means such as cross contamination through the concerned person’s hand.

How does the Livinguard face mask protect against coronavirus?

The Livinguard face mask offers multi-barrier protection to both the user as well as those around the user. Please see the How it works section above and our dedicated section on coronavirus.

How much more effective is the Livinguard mask in protecting against coronavirus relative to a normal mask?

A conventional N95 mask filters droplets and particles that may carry coronavirus. The Livinguard mask uses such an industry standard filter as well, but offers additional protection by destroying >99% of coronaviruses on each layer enveloping this filter. Further testing is still ongoing, but this implies a >99.99% inactivation beyond the standard filtration.

How safe is it to use a Livinguard face mask?

Nelson Labs has reviewed our documentation and has preliminarily concluded it should be safe for use during the crisis, and that Nelson Labs will be conducting additional testing to confirm its conclusions.

Livinguard has passed extensive skin safety testing at Product Safety Labs in USA per US EPA requirements and at Hohenstein Institute in Germany per European standards.

Is The Mask Certified?

  • USA: We are working with the FDA to make our mask available in the US during the crisis.
  • EU: Class I and Class II medical device claims are currently under review by Dekra.
  • China: The version of our mask without an exhalation valve has been certified KN95 compliant by Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision.
  • Australia: Masks meeting our specifications have been TGA approved as a Class 1 Medical Device.
  • Other regions: Further certifications and conformity are in place for Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, and others.

How long can I use a Livinguard face mask for at a stretch?

While you will always be the best judge for yourself, our masks are designed with comfort in mind for extended use throughout the day.

How many Livinguard face masks do I need?

One mask is adequate in most cases. We would recommend two masks if you cannot wait for the mask to dry after washing it.

How do I determine which size to buy?

We currently have 3 sizes: Large, Medium, and Kids. Typically Large fits most men, Medium most women, and Kids most 7-12 year olds. The masks all come with the ability to slightly adjust the size and fit through adjuster beads on the ear loops. However, please exercise your own discretion when choosing a size for you. We are working on a sizing guide.

Is the Livinguard face mask available in any other colors or designs?

Our face masks are currently only available in navy blue.