We signed up to this website E WORLD TRADE 

Yes we got the sale pitch and promises as normal with these sites. From the outset it looked ok and even though the salesperson was pushy we still decided that it might be worth a go in the hope that we would find some quality leads….always a difficult task.

The real clincher for us was that they would guarantee our money back (we assumed ALL of our money…more about that later….you know what’s coming!). So after a 50% discount on the rack rate… we paid $750 with a guarantee of 7 quality leads within the first 4 weeks or our money back…simple and easily understood right?

A few weeks in to the process and spending a bit of time on the platform made us question our decision. We got 3 poor quality leads which were of no use to us…we also kept seeing the same leads posted on the website when we searched for our term “beach towels”.

4 weeks came and went and 7 quality leads were not delivered. Ok we though simple enough…they did not deliver on their promise we though we could ask for a refund because that was the agreement when we signed up.

Boy did this process prove to VERY FRUSTRATING.

We spoke with 4 different people over the phone and via whatsapp. All promising they would deliver more leads, finding quality leads takes time etc etc…Yes we understand quality leads take time…don’t agree to delivering 7 in 4 weeks if you cant do it.

It was difficult to get our message through to them that because they failed to deliver on their first promise it was very difficult for us to trust subsequent promises. This is when we started to think SCAM and that we were being scammed out of our $750.

After back and forth we got Sam, Head of Department E World Trade. During my whats app messages with Sam I was told that refund is no problem (yet it quickly became a problem), I was also accused of copying their database (trust me, my skillset does not reach to this level) and overall I got a very bad feeling from my dealings with “Sam”.

When it came to the refund issue It soon transpired that the money back guarantee was good for the full amount minus 60%!!. Yes..we were charged $450 for “digital services”. A $300 refund was the sum total of our “money back guarantee”.

So lessons have been learned.

This blog was borne out of frustration, borne out a feeling that we received very poor service both during and when it came to asking for  refund.  Time and again companies do this…say whatever needs to be said to secure the deal then hide behind “terms and conditions” in order to justify issuing less than a full refund.

We are one very unhappy customer with E WORLD TRADE and we felt it important to highlight our experience with them as a company. Tread with caution out there people…the digital world is not what it seems.

For transparency we have saved all whats app message below between E WORLD TRADE and us.